FAQs about Hand Painted Threads

14I’ve been asked about the number of threads I use in my designs on 14 and 18 count. Some needlepoint stitchers are not as familiar with cotton broder. The sample stitch [left] has one strand each of two different broder colors and two strands of one floss color. So there are actually THREE colors in the stitch I am beginning here.

So here is what I find produces very nice stitches in basketweave:

On 14 count:
3 strands Broder or
2 strands Broder & 2 or 3 strands of floss for blending or
1 strand Broder & 4 strands of floss for blending or
1 6-strand thread of floss

On 18 count:
2 strands Broder or
2 strands Broder & 1 strand of floss or
1 strand Broder & 2 or 3 strands of floss for blending or
4 strands of floss

When you mix threads of high contrast you will get a more “tweedy” effect which can be interesting if you are looking for lots of texture. I often mix unpainted floss with my painted Broder threads for a more subtle, uneven modeled look. I also mix colors that are close in values for a really new and interesting color.

I’m hoping that when you work one of my canvasses that you experiment with color combinations that please you. I usually include enough floss to make blending choices that make your finished canvas very personally your own.

Of course, it’s also a great way to attack some of those stray floss colors in your stash! Have fun!